Good idea, will vote for the Green party in the next election. I'd like to suggest that:

(1) the income should be paid into a "liveable income guarantee account" at the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) and linked to an e-wallet of the beneficiary's choice,

(2) any issue over eligibility should be reviewed by a "jury of peers" vs public servant bureaucrats, and

(3) the RBA should be authorised to: (a) top up the "liveable income guarantee account" if the RBA wants to do "quantitative-qualitative easing", or alternatively (b) pay interest on outstanding balance if it wants to do "quantitative tightening".

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That's kinda weird. Tbh I have better performance at Reddit on my phone rather than PC.

Anyhoo, reading thru my housing affordability info lines. This may have some interest relevance for Australia situation.


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Not sure if anyone here is into the Reddit platform. Pretty vigorous discussion there last week.


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For some reason, I can't get through to Reddit on my usual setup. I worked out I could go there using a VPN, but that seems kind of strange

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